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STARSIL HEMOSTAT® is a CE-marked class 3 medical device that can be use to achieve rapid hemostasis for profuse and diffuse bleedings as well as reliable adhesion prevention — even in difficult to reach regions.

Safe and Biocompatible
Unlike many other surgical hemostats or adhesion prevention products STARSIL HEMOSTAT® is absorbed without residues within 2 to 3 days through endogenous amylase, preventing foreign body reactions or granuloma formation and once fully irrigated, will not swell post operatively.

Acts fast and is easy to use
STARSIL HEMOSTAT® is ready to use and can be stored in the OR without refrigeration. After removal of the cap the STARSIL HEMOSTAT® particles can be immediately used without assembly or preparation. It can be easily applied to large areas or difficult to reach regions. There is no risk of overdosage.

Bleeding Control and Hemostasis
On contact the ultra hygroscopic STARSIL HEMOSTAT® particles rapidly absorb fluid from the blood. The process leads to a local concentration of corpuscular blood particles such as erythrocytes, thrombocytes as well as serum proteins and thrombin, accelerating the natural coagulation cascade. It forms a dense gel matrix that seals the wound and further blood flow from the wound is inhibited. STARSIL HEMOSTAT® is not affected by the patients clotting status, therefore it is also suitable for patients under anticoagulation therapy

Adhesion Prevention Barrier
Unlike many other anti–adhesive products STARSIL HEMOSTAT® is easy to administrate both during open and laproscopic surgery. The STARSIL HEMOSTAT® powder is simply generously applied on the mesothelial defect or tissue that needs protection subsequently moistened with sterile saline solution. The polysaccharide particles absorb the fluid and form a dense gelatinous barrier preventing the contact with other tissue during the critical postoperative healing phase.

Dual Use Strategy
The use of STARSIL HEMOSTAT® as topical hemostat provides atraumatic bleeding control and can minimize the use of electrocautery limiting thermal injury to the tissue. When complete hemostasis is achived a second application of STARSIL HEMOSTAT® is used to form a gelatinous adhesion prevention barrier covering the whole affected tissue before closure.