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Blue M Oral Gel


Professional care collection. Highly effective oxygen gel to accelerate wound healing after extraction, oral surgery and placement of implants, chemotherapy or wounds which can result from false teeth.

  •  Oxygen Power
  •  Oral Wound Healing
  •  Top-Notch Ingredients
  •  Restores Oxygen Levels


How to use it

First dry the affected area with a cotton swab for that the gel to stay in place. Then use the tube to apply blue®m oral gel on the required spot : a maximum of 1 ml of oral gel on each location, which is approximately the size of a pea. Do not apply more than 5ml of oral gel per day. Once applied, leave the gel as long as possible, but rinse your mouth approximately one hour after application. Before using blue®m oral gel, do brush / rinse with blue®m toothpaste and/or mouthwash or as indicated by your dental care professional.