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Blue M Oral Foam


A phenomenal, deep cleansing and refreshing experience. When applied directly into your mouth, microbubbles in this soft, fresh foam release oxygen to tackle those hard-to-reach places.

  •  Active Oxygen Power
  •  Clean Teeth, Fresh Breath
  •  Gums Conditioner
  •  Immunity Booster
  •  Safe for Cleaning Aligners


How to use it

Be it after brushing your teeth or for a quick fix after lunch: just pump twice, directly into your mouth, allow for it to do its work for sixty seconds and then spit out the foam. It is most effective if you don’t rinse afterwards. The foam is also a preferred alternative to harmful chemicals for cleaning your (clear) aligners, mouth guard or other removable appliances. Apply the foam directly into the tray, spread the foam evenly to cover all areas and place it – with the foam still on it – in your mouth. You then spit out any excess foam. You can also use a soft toothbrush to remove heavy stains.