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SilverPlug® is a medical device, born from the direct field experience of Dr. Matteo Antonini, specialist in Oral Surgery.

It aims at the prevention of one of the main problems related to dental implants: bacterial proliferation inside the implants, which is widely recognized as one of the most insidious causes of peri-implantitis.

SilverPlug® is a silver based polymer which has a high antibacterial effect that maintains its efficacy for the life of the patient. Easily placed and retrieved if needed, it can also be replaced and re-used following the replacement of the prosthesis.
SilverPlug® is the ONLY worldwide patented, registered and certified specific Active Sealant for the implant tunnel.

SilverPlug Benefits:

  • Helps reduce the risk of peri-implantitis
  • Easy to place and retrieve
  • Easy to compress for perfect filling of the implant tunnel
  • Antibacterial effect without releasing chemicals
  • Remains active for the life of the patient
  • The only recognised medical device for this application