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Heart Pericardium Membrane

The protection time for this kind of membrane is 3-4 months.

Such a long protection is due to the fact that the treatment the pericardium undergoes to achieve these membranes does not alter the tridimensional structure, and the bonds among the collagen and elastin fibers the pericardium is made of. Thus, the time needed for degradation is longer. This membrane is, therefore, structured and features a peculiar mechanical resistance to tearing. It can be sutured without tearing.

This membrane needs not fixation; its adhesiveness is only slightly smaller than the one of the classic collagen membranes.

Its the best choice for most bone regeneration surgeries.

Features :

  • slow reabsorption time
  • resistant and elastic
  • long protection time
  • practical and easy-to-handle
  • simple to suture