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SAF File System

  • The SAF is a hollow file designed as an elastically compressible, thin-walled pointed cylinder that is composed of a nickel-titanium lattice.
  • The SAF is used as a single instrument to achieve complete 3D root canal cleaning and shaping in a minimally invasive way. Its hollow shape allows for the continuous flow of irrigant through its lumen to achieve superior disinfection.
  • The SAF is available in three standard lengths (21 mm, 25 mm and 31 mm) and two diameters (1.5 mm and 2.0 mm).
  • The SAF 1.5 mm is designed for canals with an initial apical size of ISO 20-35.
  • The SAF 2.0 mm is designed for use in wider canals with an initial apical size of ISO 35-60 commonly found in retreatments or younger patients.
  • The SAF 2.0 mm may also be used in wider canals (≥#70), but would then require the dentist to pay attention to the possible rotation of the file inside the canal.
  • Optimal Disinfection: Continuous Refreshment of Agitated NaOCI
  • The SAF is the first and only chemo-mechanical endodontic instrument.
  • 4 mL/min continuous no-pressure irrigation, washing away the "dentin dust" created by the SAF's scrubbing.
  • Irrigant exchange and sonic agitation throughout the instrumentation process, for superior disinfection of even unreachable areas, such as isthmi and recesses, to prevent debris packing and extrusion.
  • Superior Disinfection - Improved mechanical cleaning, avoidance of packing of debris and continuous agitated irrigation - are the key to superior disinfection within a short period of time.
  • Superior Removal of Debris - "In the SAF group, most of the specimens were completely free of debris".